Benefits of Membership

We all know networking is the best source of referral business. When you network weekly with a group of local members of Business Builders Niagara, those referrals keep coming in.  Below we have helpful information about our group and the benefits of membership. 

Industry Contact Spheres

Contact spheres naturally provide a source of Referrals and we keep them non competitive (only one profession is allowed) in our group.  These businesses have a symbiotic relationship in that they should support each other and help everyone:

Real Estate

Life Events


Mentors, Educators & Colleagues

Mentorship opportunities are another benefit that our members enjoy.  Learn from other success stories, share ideas, what works, what doesn’t from experienced members who have themselves been mentored by previous members.  Additionally, each week we also have a member provide a fifteen minute overview of their business in more detail and at least one member always comments “I did not know that!”

The wealth of knowledge that is available at any time from the members is measured in years.  A quick legal question, financial advice, insurance question, mortgage information is easily available by phone or email as part of the information sharing that helps each of us grow our individual businesses.


  • Weekly networking meetings
  • Social activities
  • Weekly learning and mentorship
  • Weekly referrals
  • Member to member offers
  • Business presentations