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A good referral for me is someone who is new to the business world that needs a system set up for recording paperwork, someone who carries around a briefcase full of paperwork or a business that is quickly expanding in need of a computerized bookkeeping system.

Sharon Secord - Office Support Services and Bookkeeping

3464 Frederick Avenue

Vineland, ON
L0R 2C0

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Office Phone:905-562-6066

Cell Phone:289-931-5709

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Services Offered

Providing financial and administrative services to small businesses in Niagara.
Skills in:
  • quickbooks computer software
  • excel spreedsheets
  • reconcile bank statements and credit card statements
  • orgainze and set up filing systems
  • phone communications for booking client appointments

Do you know someone in need of getting their business in order? Don't be afraid to reach out! I'll make the process as seamless as possible. Tell them to give Sharon Secord - Office Support Services a call.